Thanks to our own facilities, experienced staff and co-operation with some of Iceland’s most respected tour providers, we are able to offer our guests a wide variety of activities and tours.

The following program activity guide is divided into four sections:

  • Earth – focuses on hiking, running, biking and other bipedal adventures.
  • Water – focuses on sailing, paddling, fishing and other water based adventures.
  • Wind – focuses on guided adventures by coach, boat or horse.
  • Fire – focuses on extreme sports, traditional sports and crafts and mixed adventures.

Even though many of the activities could belong to more than one section, they will only appear in one.

Our program activity guide is based around groups of 20 or more. For smaller groups, please contact our program office at Also be sure to check out our package deals!

Activities also offered to families and individuals are easily recognized by a coloured “F/I”-box in their listing.

Some activities are subject to availability.

Legend with program offers:

Free program

This activity/tour is included in the accommodation fee. In some cases equipment is needed, and you can choose betwen bringing your own and renting it
at our Service Center.


This activity/tour is available during the summer season of June, July and August. Certain activites/tours might we available in spring or fall as well. Contact us for more information. Some activities/tours are dependant on weather.


This activity/tour is available during the winter season of September through May. Some activities/tours are dependant on weather.

Full day

This activity/tour will take all day. Overnight activities/tours can obviosly take even longer to complete.

Half day

This activity/tour will take approximately half a day. Most activities/tours stretch a little longer than that, so doing two halfday activity/tours on the same day is most often not possible. If this is an issue for your group, contact us with requests.


This activity takes place at our center, without going far away from the campsite and huts.

Coach included

This activity/tour includes bus or coach ride and is included in the activity/tour price.


The main part of this activity/tour is guided/supervised/overseen by staff member or a third party guide. This does not release group leaders of their
responsibility towards their group.


This activity/tour is without provided guidance/supervision. Group leaders might have to act as guides. In some cases adult supervision might be necessary with young children.


Participants need to have basic level of mobility and fitness (NOT meaning they have to be very athletic).


This activity/tour is considered especially suitable for younger children although adult supervision is necessary. Be advised that some activities might not suit young children under a certain age.

Family / Individual

This activity/tour is also available for families and individuals staying at our center.